How Do You Pin-point Top IT Talent?

How can we help you?​

For 30 of those years we have been providing contingent staffing services to large healthcare providers, finance, and insurance companies. We specialize in providing IT resources, including Program and Project Managers, Architects and Engineers, Analysts, Programmers and QA specialists, Systems and Database Administrators, Desktop and Help Desk technicians and everything in between.


We can put the 3-5 best candidates on your desk in just days or weeks, not months; and we’ve been doing it for over 35 years.


Connect with us and people just like you. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn when you visit the Hynes Community.


Are you a Pro in one of the above areas? Then we want to talk to you. We’re always looking for top IT Talent!

Mission & Vision


To gain and retain our Client’s Trust by: Getting to know our Clients, their history, evolution and future goals; Appreciation of their corporate culture; Listening, understanding and responding to their needs; And, fulfilling on our promise to deliver the appropriate talent solution.

To gain and retain our Consultant’s/Candidate’s Trust by: Acquiring a thorough knowledge of their experience and skill set; Understanding the culture and environment in which they can flourish; Helping them meet their career goals; Delivering opportunities to fulfill their personal, career and financial needs; And, continuing to support them in their employment


To be the “Gold Standard” of Excellence, Service and Integrity to which all other staffing/consulting companies are compared.

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More About Us

For the last 10 years we have also been a Solution Provider to the same industries. We provide outsourced project management and managed resources for IT infrastructure initiatives including discovery and inventory, configuration and deployment, network architecture and installation, IT equipment moves, adds and changes and decommissioning services.